Internet not working.  Cell not working.  Driver forgot to pick me up at the airport.  Hair dryer stolen by a previous tenant, so bad hair.  (Thank god I had the Brazilian Blowout before I left; it’s been a godsend).  Reading instruction manuals for computers and appliances in French.  Building access and lifts to learn.  Shopping for groceries with French descriptions and photos, which are not always accurate as to what you’d think the product was.  French speakers in this neighborhood are not as many as in more affluent districts.  Frequently lost in the neighborhood … Paris Streets are not straight!  But the apartment is great and the landlords are adorbs!  Think most of the hassle is behind me, thankfully.  Today, I WILL find the nearest Metro station and purchase a hairdryer on the landlords’ dime.  Or should I say, the landlords’ euro.