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Today, I took Dan’s suggestion and visited Pere Lachaise, the biggest and most famous cemetery within Paris proper.  Only wandered through half of it in four hours.  A challenging place to photograph … not only was almost everything in shade, the rest was in blinding light, and even in the shade, the light was harsh.  Plus the cemetery was so full that it was inevitably cluttered.  Literally packed with grave markers, most not more than three inches apart.  I want to go back another morning in better light, but I think I still managed to get a few decent shots.  Most people were just trying to see the graves of the famous, but I was only interested in what was beautiful.  I did have to laugh at the thought of the German couple who asked me if I knew where the grave of Edith Piaf was, and I replied in French without thinking, “I don’t know.”  Click on any pic below to enlarge and see in a gallery view.