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Skip. There are so many great outdoor venues to see in Paris, and this is pretty average. Not as impressive as Huntington Gardens in LA, nor anywhere near as beautiful as the Louvre grounds or Monet’s house in Giverny. The rose garden was kind of pitiful, actually.  Small, sparse and withering. I even like the little park near my apartment better. Le Jardin des Plantes is a very nice place to jog if you live near there, plus the long vistas of trees are beautiful. But it’s nothing special as far as color, vistas and botanical rarity. And I’ve seen those rows of trees in many places, including the Tuileries. I only found a couple passable places to paint after two hours of scouting, and the guard tried to get me to leave 45 minutes before closing, :(.  Oui, monsieur, no problem. Thumbs down.