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From the day I arrived at my apartment, my hardwired internet service through Bouygues Telecom and cable have not worked. Bouygues gave my landlord some BS excuse about a worldwide cable outage, but other people in my district had service. It was just a scam. Supposedly it was going to be fixed in 48 hours, but three weeks later, they told the landlord it was fixed. It was not.

In the meantime, the landlord has given me his iPad to connect to, also with service through Bouygues Telecom. That service is spotty at best. It goes out almost every night for at least an hour, and often during the day and on the weekends, too.

Also, be advised that wifi isn’t all that easy to find here in restaurants, public places or coffee shops.

So if you’re planning to come here, thinking you’ll also work, you might not be able to. And if you’re renting an apartment, ask the landlord who their internet provider is. If it is Bouygues Telecom, don’t rent the apartment. I’m dead serious. I have no other providers to compare them to, but nobody else I’ve run into in Paris is having these kinds of problems.