Okay, now that the weather has cooled off a bit, the Parisian women have stopped their parade of shapeless baggy linen sacks and Birkenstocks. And now I do see a noticeable difference. Cute skirts and pants. Interesting ways of combining things. Casual but somehow still put together. So, yes, they do dress better than American women overall, though the age differences I noted previously do still apply. The older the woman, the bigger the fashion gap between American women. You just do not see horribly dressed older women in fanny packs and visors here. I do have to give a big shoutout to the younger women for showing less skin than American women. No derrieres hanging out of Daisy Dukes. No cleavage on display. Nobody with pounds of makeup. In fact, no fake breasts that I’ve noticed, either. And nobody, absolutely nobody, in sweat pants. All of which are so much more attractive and sophisticated than back home, I’ll admit. Yup, I was wrong.

However, American women might age a bit better in terms of wrinkles, probably due to the fact that fewer of us smoke. When women get older here, they look old. In fact, their faces have character. And I rather like that. In France, women are allowed to get old without being devalued. We should try it in America.