Can I just say how much I hate this unless the service is truly egregious? I dislike it in the States, but I especially hate it in Europe. They dine slowly here; it is a lovely and civilized thing to do. I am vacation; I do not want to hear you giving the waiter a bad time because your plat took 20 minutes. How boorish! You are creating an unpleasant atmosphere for the people around you. So relax, lighten up, and learn how to enjoy food and life like the Parisians do. I came here to experience Parisian culture; didn’t you? If I wanted to be stressed out, I would have stayed home.

If you are dining in Paris at night, it’s generally late. So there’s nowhere you’re going afterward except to a bar or back to your room. So what is the rush? Well, there is no rush. It’s just bad manners, plain and simple.