Think the French language is similar to English? Think they’ll all have an English menu? Maybe, maybe not.

Fruits de le mer = fish, not fruit.

Coco or cocco = coconut, not cocoa.

Ananas = pineapple, not bananas.

Pommes de terre = Not apples, not tomatoes. Nope, they’re potatoes.

Piece de boucher = which literally translates to “piece of butcher,” is actually a steak.

Tamara = at a Greek place, I thought this would be lamb. Nope, it’s a type of fish.

Chantilly = not powdered sugar, like I thought. It’s whipped cream.

Entree = here, it means appetizer. A plat is the main course.

Etc, etc., etc.!  Squid is also considered a whitefish here!

Winging it can mean many delightful surprises while dining, but only if you don’t have any food issues at all. Personally, I dislike ananas and fried food, so I keep the translator with me. And don’t count on your smartphone translator app to work; most restaurants don’t have wifi here.

Also, just a heads up that a translator can be very, very helpful at a grocery store. You cannot shop based on photographs alone, and nobody at a the grocery stores speaks English.