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Well, today everything was open. Now that I’ve been in the stores on Rue Commerce , I don’t know that I’m loving it. Mostly the same wan and dowdy styles I was seeing in the Marais. Few stores carry beyond a size 8 American, and I’m currently between a 10 and 12. Other than Kookai, I can’t say I loved any of the stores. The prices were cheap because of all the soldes (sales), but the clothing was chealply made also. And the Monoprix smelled so badly of garbage that I kept gagging. I did find some protein bars there, which is the only place in all of Paris that I’ve found them. Long trip for protein bars, though. On the up side, the gelato at Amorino was still amazing (the pistachio is better than the caramel flavor, and if you care about value, the small cone nets you as much gelato as a medium cup). Happily, it also rained for about an hour, which felt so good with all the heat lately. I just kept walking in the downpour, smiling, and the Parisians thought I was nuts. A couple hours later, though, and it’s back to being gross. If you aren’t used to high heat and humidity, I’d suggest planning your visit for May or June, or September and October. If you’re from St. Louis or the South, then you might be fine. I reiterate … you won’t find much, if any, air conditioning to escape to. Lately, I’ve been finding Paris is a 3-showers-a-day city.