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Yesterday was a stellar day.  In the middle of it, I packed up my camera and headed to Jardin du Luxembourg.  The Jardin du Luxembourg is everything the Jardin du Plantes and the courtyard of the Louvre are not.

Beautiful plants, lots of color and stunning vistas, unlike Jardin du Plantes. And lots of shade, fewer tourists and plenty of places to sit, unlike the Louvre. Great great people watching, too.  This is what I’ve been waiting for. Finally, an inspiring place to take photos that’s also conducive to painting. (In fact, I found one place that seemed like a particularly good vantage point. I then looked around for a bench and saw an artist on it, sketching.) There are even unobtrusive beverage stands and lots of bathrooms in the museum. And access to all is free. Perfect!

All around there are children playing, Parisians sitting and sleeping in the park, lovers young and old, and quirky people, too. I ask a young couple if I can snap their picture and tell them I’d be happy to email them a copy. The woman is lovely, and the guy is cute and funny. He asks me, “What’s in it for you?” and “Are we going to be famous?” I laugh and say I just think it’s a good shot and it seems nice to offer to send it.

I struggled with some of the camera settings here and there, and it isn’t the time of day for sweet light. But I still think I got some good shots. And the shade feels so good in the unrelenting heat and humidity right now.

I’ll definitely be going back; one of my favorite places in Paris so far. Many of my favorite places are free entry, too; big plus. I love how the French think all the people are entitled to enjoy the parks and that once a month the Louvre is free. It seems noble and kind, befitting of such a wonderful city.