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I’d read a review of La Tartine, and it was on my list to try because the architecture looked stunning and supposedly the food was good. So this night when I was wandering around the Marais spontaneously, I suddenly came upon it.

IMG_1044 IMG_1038The art deco interior is amazing. Peach and mint green, with inset plaster panels and a gorgeous ceiling. The waiter tells me it was built in 1930, which seems about right. He apologizes for his English, but it’s relatively good. He’s quite sweet.  He brings me the specials and there’s one with wok-fried vegetables for 13.50E. Vegetables? For realz? I’m in!

Service is amazingly fast. Also, my mojito tour of Paris continues. The mojito is good but not spectacular. The dinner, however, is. There are zucchini and carrots and peas and capers, all stir-fried into a curry-like dish with what the waiter had told me was “whitefish.” Well, it was white, but I wouldn’t exactly call it whitefish. It was squid, which I’d never seen served in a whole piece before. Interesting, but on the whole, I prefer mine as calamari. Between the mojito and the dinner, I’m looking at only 21E, a bargain for dinner when the food is this good. I should mention that the portion was HUGE. I couldn’t eat it all, and I was quite hungry when I got there.

View from the window out into the street.

View from the window out into the street.

La Tartine is on a very quiet street. I sit in the window and enjoy the night ambiance. I wonder why it isn’t packed with food this good, but I enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Paris is crowded, and peace is rare while dining.

I pass on the dessert because I’m in the mood for gelato. In fact, I think I’m obsessed with Amorino’s raspberry gelato at the moment.  I wander down Rue Rosiers, a little surprised that you can get a falafel from a stand at 11 pm. Rue Rosiers narrow, cobble-stone lined and full of interesting shops. It’s worth another trip.

I quickly find Amorino’s location in the Marais, using a very sophisticated GPS locating device … I spot a guy with a cone and walk toward where he was coming from. Much faster service at this location, but the gelato is not as cold as the one on Commerce Street, and I think that makes it more flavorful.

La Tartine:  Recommended. Very good food, wonderful service, great prices.