I’m sick of the Louvre and decide to leave. I don’t really want the Pyramid exit, but it’s the only one I can find other than one that leads into a mall. My feet are killing me, so rather than walk a long ways to the wrong exit, I ask a security guard in the courtyard where Palais Royal is. He points to the whole giant area of the Louvre, and says, “THIS is Palais Royal” in French. Voila!, I immediately feel like an idiot tourist. (Palais Royal is another name for the Louvre.) You have to understand how completely huge and prominent the Louvre is.  It’s like, I dunno, 5 city blocks square, sort of the equivalent to standing under the Eiffel Tower and asking where it is. My face flushes, but I smile, then clarify: “Palais Royal Metro.” Ahh, he points me in the right direction and off I go. Duh!