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Decided I was spending too much time dining in the Marais, so I thought I’d dine in the Latin Quarter this week. I love the less trendy, more Mom-and-Pop feel of the Latin Quarter. So festive, and not that many tourists. First night, I chose a restaurant based on the line out the door. Second night, based on the friendliest greeter. Third night, based on the posted menu. All I can say is, food is much better in the Marais so far, where I used similar hit-and-miss methods of selection. I don’t want to rip little establishments just trying to make a living. It’s been edible, but bland. Well, mostly edible. Let’s not even get into the cocktail that tasted like Vick’s cough syrup. Not worth the $25-$30 American I’ve been spending (same as I’d spend in the Marais). I’ll be reading some reviews before I go back.