I know I’m sensitive to this after all we went through with my grandmother in recent years. But throughout my visit, I’ve been truly shocked at how inaccessible Paris is for the elderly and the handicapped. I see older people struggling to get up those subway stairs and it breaks my heart. There is no other option in 99% of the stations. In most areas of the city, the elderly must have to take the bus. There are also few elevators in public places. Even in the D’Orsay, you have to walk all the way to one end to get the elevator, and it’s a long hike if you’re already struggling. There are also many areas of the city where the sidewalk could not possibly accommodate a wheelchair. I’m wondering if all of this forces people who might otherwise do okay to be in nursing homes. Paris, you could do much better on this.

Although between all the smokers and the rich food, I’m surprised Paris has any elderly, :). (France actually has a lower rate of heart disease than the US, btw, which floors me.)

I feel glad that America does much better by our handicapped and elderly in terms of access, though embarrassed that the GOP quashed the UN measure that celebrates our handicap access laws and recommends adopting them in the rest of the world. WTF?